What you need to know before you buy a Realty

Buying a property is always a significant moment of your life, whether for the first time, for subsequent or purely with investment intentions. It is good to refer to it as a deal without having to put on emotional feelings. In case you make a property deal too hasty and without consulting with a real estate broker and your personal attorney or lawyer who works with your chosen broker, you risk making a hard-to-repair deal that will bring you losses as well time and financial resources. Given the vast experience of our team, both in the field of law and in the field of real estate brokerage and not only, we share the following advice before the acquisition of the desired property.

Patience, patience, patience …

Not in vain, any property deal starts with the property’s view, such as characteristics and parameters of the property, quality of construction, location and transport links, built infrastructure, external connections (wiring, electrification, district heating, security, security, accessibility) neighbours. Still, you do not get anything that you do not consume when it is out of date.

Frequently, the lack of experienced broker and self-reliance leads precisely to mistakes and omissions of the above-described details at a time that becomes more expensive in the future. Do not forget to learn from the experiences of close, acquaintances, colleagues, conversations that you have attended with people, who have already had a deal with a property or are into such position. The essential element of patience in real estate transactions is the rich practice of pre-contracts that give you the opportunity before the final contract to consider your purchase well, to examine the necessary document for the deal. It gives you a certainty that even if you lose money if you opt out of the deal because of its irregularity, your 10% advance payment shall represent a loss lesser than the problems you will buy against the 100% value of the property that turns out , that it is not yours or something more serious, you may acquire a problematic property, which besides the loss of its price you will have to make additional expenses for lawyers, courts, additional repairs, etc. That is why our main advice is to accept the work of an experienced real estate broker as something significant considering the financial resources you intend to invest in a property.

The price of the property as a factor

The factors determining the price of a property depend on the quality of construction, location and transport connections, built infrastructure, external connections (wiring, electrification, district heating, security, security, accessibility), even neighbours and residents. In an initial deal, you hardly paid attention to all of them. That is why you need to contact a competent broker to give you the right advice to suit your requirements. Remember that the broker is a person who works only if you have a specific job and not just “want to buy a property, find me one”.

Look around of the property

Look around the property several times at different times of the day and at night to get an idea of ​​the factors that determine its price. Remember, if you plan to use it yourself or rent it, location, infrastructure, neighbours, and other factors are crucial. The price should not always be your leading motive for buying a property

Pros and Cons

Acquiring property is not an expensive undertaking but in most cases purely emotional. Bet on the determining and important factors, discuss them with your broker, and after hearing your opinion, then make an effort to find the property you want, no matter for what purpose you will acquire. Think of all the pros and cons before you conclude assigning a property search to your broker before proceeding to a deal with him.

The real estate broker, the evil you need to pay

You often ask yourself what to pay for or what I pay or why sign a contract with a broker now, well … he works for you.

  1. Save your time, and it is expensive. every now and then, by viewing available offers, looking for properties, there are many contacts with builders and property owners who are not always advertised and are a very time-consuming business;
  2. Only the experience that has passed and the many transactions he has made have taught him the most important thing, namely to satisfy his client, who recommend it to his friends. You know, you do not buy property every day and with the same broker;
  3. You can have a contract with as many brokers as you want, the broker is paid a fee only when he finds the property you want, and you have a preliminary or final contract.
  4. Explore the property and provide you with the most necessary documents needed to proceed with a property deal.
  5. Know the market and from there the prices, the quality, the locations, but most of all know the character of the deal. He has a number of both realized and unrealized transactions. For him, not the deal is important and leading, you are important to him and your money spent wisely.
  6. Works with lawyers and notaries who are familiar with real estate deals like him.
  7. Your broker is a consultant who, however, does not receive any remuneration in advance but only after the order has been completed. The contract with a real estate broker is a contract for the order you ordered from him – to find the right property for you.

In conclusion

Acquisition of real estate is a complex and costly process. Do not try to do it yourself, not that it is not possible to do it or to be lucky, but if you bet on luck, then you will be more successful if you put the amount of money you have identified as a budget in a gambling game. Bet a reliable broker – a consultant who is familiar with the essential elements of real estate transactions, and what you lose. You pay a broker’s pay only when he finds the property he wants you know the ins and outs of the business and will help you make the best deal.

The old people say, “If you have flour, you will go to a baker and not to a mechanic”not that you yourself cannot do it by yourself, of course, you can, but not every day you spend so much money on something as important as the property and not every day you face property that may be just that property that will not only create you headaches but also many additional financial losses.

Contact us to realise your deal, to find your property, to be your partner to whom you shall pay for when we find your desired property you wish to acquire.