Property declaration in Bulgaria

Every new owner of a real estate in Bulgaria is required to declare it in the Local Taxes and Fees Directorate to the relevant municipality where the location of the property is. The declaration must be made within two months of: • the date of acquisition of the property (date of the notary deed) if […]

Taxes and fees for real estate transactions in Bulgaria

For real estate transactions in Bulgaria, the following taxes and fees are due on the day of the notarial deed: • local tax for acquiring property to the respective municipality according to the location of the property; • Fee for entry to the Registry Agency; • Notary fee for the transaction to the notary. According […]

Documents for the purchase-sale of Bulgarian property

Before you make a final contract anд confirm a deal with a real estate (plot, shop, office or apartment) in front of a notary, it is advisable to conclude a preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of real estate. The Preliminary contract binds the seller and the buyer by assuming an obligation in the […]



Prior to a Realty Deal

Prior to a Realty Deal  When acquiring a realty, there are many dangers in which you may become not the owner of the property. You should be aware that when signing the contract for sale in front of the notary, you do not automatically become the owner unless 100% is proven that the property belonged […]

Why Realty Agent

Whatever a person does sooner or later, faces issues with the purchase or sale of real estate. Because of the importance and complexity of such a sale, people and businesses are increasingly resorting to the services of real estate agents. The real estate agent spent most of his time outside the office, displaying property to […]


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What you need to know before you buy a Realty

Buying a property is always a significant moment of your life, whether for the first time, for subsequent or purely with investment intentions. It is good to refer to it as a deal without having to put on emotional feelings. In case you make a property deal too hasty and without consulting with a real […]